<aside> 💡 A little note from the Furrend team: we just wanted to say THANK YOU so much to everyone who made Paws for Furrends a success! Together, we raised 2.195 ETH and 2,017 CRO (over $5k) for our furry friends. Your support means the world to us! Here’s how and where we donated the money to ↴



About Paws for Furrends

Paws for Furrends is a charity event where adorable animal videos meet a heartwarming cause. Our mission is to fetch significant support for animal NGOs and rescuers, ensuring cozy and fuzzy winter care for our beloved furrends.

Who are the creators?

The event showcases a diverse group of today’s top-tier as well as emerging pet content creators in the space. Discover the full list of creators here.

Which nonprofits are we working with?

We’re currently working with a few nonprofits. All proceeds will go to nonprofits, such as Toucan Rescue Ranch, Catrix, and Ong Crazy Cat Gang, or NGOs and rescues of creators’ choice.

What is Furrend?

Furrend is the web3 pet video-sharing social network that provides the tools, resources, and infrastructure for content creators to monetize their work and engage with their community through NFTs. Launched in 2023, Furrend enables creators to share a continuous stream of high-quality content with users — fueling their love for pets, inspiring creativity, and providing valuable insights and entertainment. We aim to empower them to pursue their passions, further fuel their creativity, and continue producing exceptional pet-related content that resonates with our global audience.

Contact us

If you need further assistance, contact us at [email protected], or message us via Twitter/X at https://twitter.com/hifurrend.


Your guide to onchain video NFTs

What’s a video NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token, the ownership of which is recorded on a blockchain and which is purchased using a digital wallet. It is associated with a digital asset and is purchased using a digital currency. These digital assets are most commonly unique items such as digital collectibles like avatars, wearables, digital art, and videos — and we call it a video NFT.

You can think of the blockchain as a digital ledger of transactions that exists online, which ensures that each NFT has only one owner at any given time and keeps a record of the history of a token’s ownership.

How do I purchase the video NFT?